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    I just had a big robbing thing just happen. Before the robbing happened i was feeding the bees back a whole of crystalized honey. I was feeding them maybe 5 lbs at a time and waited untill it was all gone before i gave more. I stopped feeding them . Everytime i put feed out they were all over it. Big frenzy id say. But that big robbing thing happened when i stopped giving. So i guess im asking did i cause the robbing by open feeding and then just stopped?

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    Yes, you probably did. This time of the year when it is dry, no flowers, no nectar, scouts/foragers are searching. You drew bees from everywhere and when the source was gone they kept looking. If you open feed it should be away (100 yards +) from your apiary and they may still find your hives. It is much better to put an empty box above your inner cover and put a frame of honey or syrup inside; it helps mask the smell. Also, reduce your entrance to very small and put on a robbing screen.


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