Beehives close to the seaside?
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    Hi there, I have some experience in permaculture and would like to do bee-keeping to. On the land, I would like to work with, I would love to have beehives as well but it is very, very close to the seaside. Therefore my question: How many meters from the seaside can I put beehives? Of course I would place them quite protected by trees and shrubs but still - there may be a minimum distance from the seaside? Thank you very much for your help!!!!

    Best, Sabina

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    Default Re: Beehives close to the seaside?

    If you were to place a beehive on the shoreline itself, then the effective foraging area of that colony would be effectively halved - so theoretically that would not be such a good idea. But if the same hive was placed (say) 2-3 miles from the shoreline, then the presence of the sea - which has nothing much to offer the colony - would have little or no effect.

    Having said that, CC Miller once wrote about a guy named Allen Latham, who kept a few hives on the shoreline at the north end of Cape Cod - which apparently is a most inhospitable location - and they did rather well and actually produced a reasonable honey-crop.

    Sorry can't help more to answer your question - but I have zero experience with sea-side beekeeping. Hopefully others will chip in.
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