Paradise Beebox reducers.
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    Default Paradise Beebox reducers.

    I’m curious if anyone knows whether or not the entrance reducers made by paradise for their beebox poly hives will exclude the queen or drones. I like it as a reducer for ease of selecting sizes of entrances or shutting down totally during robbing. But for making splits does it prohibit the queen from leaving on mating flight or returning from? Thoughts?

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    Default Re: Paradise Beebox reducers.

    I think Paradise just redesigned the entrance reducer; the old ones do restrict drones, but the new ones do not. I don't think either one restricts queens. Wood entrance reducers fit height-wise, but they have to be cut a little short lengthwise.

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    Default Re: Paradise Beebox reducers.

    If you limit queens you limit drones. Entrances that eliminate drones often get clogged with drones.
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