Cleaning extracted frames
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    Default Cleaning extracted frames

    I have run into an unusual problem this year and would like some advice.

    Normally, I extract honey, put the frames back on the hives for thee bees to clean, remove, and start winter feeding.

    This year, the extraction company I use is really backed because it has been a very productive year for honey here in NH and MA, Normally, I would get 2-3 medium supers of honey for 2 hives.

    This year, I have close to 7 seven medium supers for extraction.

    They are running 5 days behind right now.

    I was thinking about starting the winter feeding with sugar water now. When the extracted frames are available, pull the sugar water off and put the extracted frames on the hives for cleaning. When the frames are clean, take them off the hive and start feeding sugar water again.

    What do you think?

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    Default Re: Cleaning extracted frames

    I'd be afraid that with empty supers on while feeding, the bees will start filling the supers with sugar water.

    For the last couple of years, when I extract, I just set my empty supers outside with spacers between them and let the bees come to them to clean out. It took only one afternoon for them to clean out a dozen supers.empty supers.JPG

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    Default Re: Cleaning extracted frames

    I do similar to Tim, but I place one super at a time out with a full sheet baking pan under it. The baking pan catches all of the wax that the bees remove.

    If you do this make sure the supers are away from the hives though, it can start robbing if the supers are near the hives when the bees are done cleaning them. My bees will get a super cleaned in about 1/2 a day.


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