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    Quote Originally Posted by Varroa Apiary View Post
    You mean all the birds: living dinosaurs in the present?
    I did not write that all programs are immortal. There are some. The information in the hardware (organism or virus) is information. It doesn't matter if it's a tomato or dinosaur organism, if it's similar or identical
    Yep; we all carry some of the dinosaur genes in us.
    In fact, we all carry much, much more ancient genes in us, originating 2-3 billions of years back - the very basics of life did not change.
    Oxygen-based oxidation, iron-based oxygen transport are only few examples of immortal biological programs (immortal - for as long as life on this planet exists - which is not forever).
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    I was just being a smart butt, hopefully in a comical way. That is why I made sure and put a smiley.
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