Scenario: I'm in North Texas just above Dallas. I got a new hive in August that has 9 frames in a single brood chamber and it has a little under two frames of capped honey. I was told to supplemental feed the bees over winter.

I have an existing hive with one brood chamber and 2 full medium supers that are 80% capped. I still have the queen excluder on so the supers are all honey.

SHB and mites have been checked on both hives and neither have an issue.

Questions: any concern with moving a super of honey to the new hive and not feeding them sugar syrup over the winter?

If I move the super, should I freeze it for a few days before placing it on the new hive?

Any concern with the old hive attacking the new hive to try to get their honey back? The hives are about 15 yards apart.

Thanks in advance!