Combining Queen rite hive with Queenlees hive
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    Default Combining Queen rite hive with Queenlees hive

    I found Queen Cells in a hive on August 30th. I removed the Queen, a couple frames of brood and some bees to a Nuc. These bees are building up with two frames of capped brood as of this morning. I thought that getting a new Queen in the hive with Queen cells was a long shot so my plan is to recombine the Nuc with this hive if I do not have evidence of a laying Queen by the first of October. If I have to do a newspaper combine, is there any issue with the Queenless hive accepting the Queen from the Nuc?

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    Default Re: Combining Queen rite hive with Queenlees hive

    I would make sure there are no laying workers in the queenless hive. They might not accept her and you could lose
    two hives.

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    Default Re: Combining Queen rite hive with Queenlees hive

    Assuming there were uncapped queen cells at the end of Aug. and they produced a queen (who mated successfully and returned) you should see eggs and brood by first Oct.

    If there was all stages of brood when you pulled the old queen off to a nuc, there should be no laying workers condition by that time. I have had no problems with doing a newspaper combine in that fashion. Putting a screen board in between for a week would be insurance as would catching and caging the queen and doing an introduction but some people would find that risky.


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