Moving beehives across the yard
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    Default Moving beehives across the yard

    Due to "neighborly" reasons I have to move my bees (5 hives) to the other side of my yard. Right now my hives are spread out, but they will be put into a fenced area about 25-75 yards from where they are now. How do I go about moving them? (Not moving them is not an option) Do I have to take them a couple miles away for a while and then bring them back? All advice is appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Steve in Florida.

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    Default Re: Moving beehives across the yard

    Quote Originally Posted by srockey View Post
    How do I go about moving them?
    Steve, in your location, after dark just block the entrance, move them directly to the new location, and reopen the entrance. If they are bearding, smoke most of them into the hive before blocking the entrance. Donít leave any hive boxes or catch box at the old location and donít worry about partially obstructing the entrance for them to reorient. If you donít leave anything at the old location, they will sort it out.
    David Matlock

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    Default Re: Moving beehives across the yard

    How to move bees:

    Moving bees more than 2 feet and less than 2 miles:

    It will be chaos for a day or two after you move them. Some bees will keep returning to the old location and then turning to fly to the new location for the next three weeks. They will go on autopilot to the old location and then remember where they are now... but in three weeks all the foragers who knew the old location will be dead of old age.
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    Default Re: Moving beehives across the yard

    Listen to Michael Bush. I had to move 2 hives a short distance and it worked well. Do not fail to do the "leave behind box" if you want it to work well and as fast as possible. J

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    Default Re: Moving beehives across the yard

    I have moved them short distances by putting them on my garden trailer or wagon and moving it a few feet a day, worked out well.

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    Default Re: Moving beehives across the yard

    I do a variation on Michaels branch method (I move the whole hive in one go, rather than the staged approach he describes - I also use single deeps, so box order and weight are not an issue) and its always worked well. An obstruction (branch) over the entrance encourages them to re-orientate, and aside from a few lost bees buzzing around the old location, they move quite well.


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