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    Smile Hello from Waukesha WI

    Hello all. I am a relatively inexperienced beekeeper with a pair of hives in southeast Wisconsin.

    The bees are doing OK in spite of my best efforts.

    We have an amazing amount of goldenrod this year, and it looks like I will get a little bit of goldenrod honey.

    Currently working on a hive design which doesn't require lifting, and which is well suited to cold climates, as my sister in northern Minnesota would like to start beekeeping also, but cannot lift.

    Have been a spectator on this site for a few years. I appreciate that I can usually find someone with advice that agrees with what I was thinking anyway.

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    Welcome. I am somewhat sout of you in northern Illinois. I suggest you join a local bee club as that is the best place for new beekeepers.
    Good luck

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    Welcome, good luck with the designs!

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    Thanks. I have been running with them this year, and it has gone OK.
    Learned a good deal about the details, will build new hives over the winter.
    The hives are set up as 2 queen hives, in a side-by-side configuration. I have run 2 queen hives in the past in a vertical configuration, and liked the flexibility but not the super high stack.
    The bees did OK, though I had a lot of problems with supercedure, which I haven't seen before. Honey production was not very good, but it was a difficult year here, as we had continual rain through the main honey flows.
    The colonies are quite strong getting ready for winter, and we will see how they do.

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    I've been to a meeting of the local beekeepers association. It is a friendly group, but I'm not sure it is a good place to learn beekeeping. I've only been at it a few years, but I didn't find it particularly helpful. I'm a farmer's son, so I know a bit about that sort of stuff.


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