Nucs not taking feed
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    Default Nucs not taking feed

    I have 4 nucs I started later than usual-first week of July. The queens are laying , everything looks good and Iíve been feeding them right along. Trouble is, theyíre not storing anything much. My bigger hives are sucking up the syrup and packing it away but these nucs are just barely using the syrup, probably just to live on. They each have a partial patty and they are getting eaten up.

    I added some feeding stimulant and it didnít change the uptake rate. I donít think theyíre getting robbed, or if they are, itís really covert. I have screens and see no fighting.

    They each are about 3 frames of brood and bees and one-2 totally empty frames , empty comb or half-drawn comb. My (weak) experience is with a full nuc going into winter, 2 frames of honey.

    Should I add emerging bees from my other hives? Add capped honey? Add uncapped honey? Trust them to figure it out?

    Yours, Megan

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    Default Re: Nucs not taking feed

    What method are you using to feed? What ratio of feed? Top feeding, open feeding, frame feeder etc? How many frames of bees/brood in this hive, Keep in mind the division of labor in a hive and are the nucs strong enough that the caste of nectar collectors is strong enough to meet the demands of a growing hive. By now a nuc started in July, even a 2 frame nuc, should be a full hive. Is the queen laying a good brood pattern? Something is certainly amiss. Are your other hives able to rob these nucs? These answers will help everyone figure out how best to help.

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    Default Re: Nucs not taking feed

    Any chance you have some empty drawn frames? If so I would add one of the nuc and see if it helps, it may be a case of the nucs are not in wax drawing mode and do not have anywhere to store the syrup.

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    Default Re: Nucs not taking feed

    I have one doing the same. I swapped out the undrawn frames for drawn a week ago, and hope to see a change tomorrow.

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