Single Frame OH - thoughts?
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    Default Single Frame OH - thoughts?

    Hey All,
    I'm in the process of building a single frame OH. See the attached picture for progress to date. Anyway, one of my intended uses is to bring to a farmer's market that is quite close to my hive location. Couple of hundred yards in fact. So a couple of questions about that:

    1. If I move my queen to the OH and have it on display at the farmer's market, is there any danger that the foragers out and about would scent her there and start to congregate around the outside, trying to get in?

    2. If I have a frame out of the main hive early in the morning and have it back where it came from 8 hours later, I'm assuming I don't need to feed anything, but should I maybe provide a water source? Or maybe not worry about it for just a few hours?

    Thanks for everyone's input.

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    Default Re: Single Frame OH - thoughts?

    I use the single frame Ob Hives for farmer's markets and the fall county fair. For an 8 hr venture, they should have no problem accepting the queen back, although I do tend to pick on smaller nuc/hives rather than my large production hives for the short trip. When I do the 3 day event, I do replace the queen with a Temp Queen Lure so that they don't build queen cells. She has been accepted back in the small hive each time I have done this.

    As for the workers finding their queen in the Ob hive, I've had plenty of not-my-bees being drawn to the smell of the honey in the Ob Hive and trying to get in, but it is not because they were after the queen.

    I used to have a small water source in the hive (tiny bowl of water with sponge) in the Ob hive but it led to too many questions and a couple of drowned bees, so I've stopped using it. Another beekeeper in my area had put a hole with screen on the top of his OB hive so that he could drizzle in water periodically through out the day (or in theory place a small bottle with sugar water on it). My next Ob Hive will incorporate that into the design.


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