I made up a nuc about 2 months ago, checked on the queen shortly after making the nuc and everything was ok. Walked by the nuc yesterday late in the afternoon and saw that there were not many bees coming out so I popped the top and saw several bees on the top of the frame and since it was in the upper 90's I closed the box up. Today when I walked outside I found a swarm in a tree. I got it boxed up and took care of, I then went to check the nuc that did not have many bees yesterday. When I opened the box there was not 200 bees in it, There was emerging brood and open nectar in the frames but no young larva of any age. Also there was no swarm cells present in the box. And I only found 1 hive beetle in the box. The bees have been treated with oav 3 times in July and 3 times in Aug so mites should not have been the problem. Even tho there was not a swarm cell present My guess is that they lost the queen and this swarm was from the mating flight of a new queen. But does a whole hive go out on a mating flight like this.
Anyone have anymore gusses.