Oregon State Beekeepers Association Fall Conference 2019
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    Default Oregon State Beekeepers Association Fall Conference 2019

    Oregon State Beekeepers Association Fall Conference 2019
    The Oregon State Beekeepers Association will hold its annual fall conference on October 25, 26 & 27 2019 at the Florence Convention Center, Florence Oregon. Speakers include Dr. Priya Chakrabarti, Oregon State University, Dr. Jay Evens, USDA-ARS, Dr. Brandon Hopkins, Washington State University, Melanie Kirby, Washington State University, Dr Andony Melathopoulos, Oregon State University, Micheal Palmer, French Hill Apiaries, Dr. Ramesh Sagili, Oregon State University Honey Bee lab, and much more.
    Music at the Friday evening reception by Caught Red Handed
    There will be a large vendors area on Saturday and Sunday.
    For more information go to www.orsba.org
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    Default Re: Oregon State Beekeepers Association Fall Conference 2019

    Michael Palmer coming to Oregon I guess I will have to see that.
    I have seen one of his videos where he tells everybody not to take notes because all his material is on line. Maybe we can challenge him to put in something unique enough that people need to watch the one at our video.
    One of his better lines is where he is talking about grafting and how people get all stressed out about it. He then says ‘this is supposed to be fun, put some tunes on and relax’. I have been using this advice on all of my activities when I feel overwhelmed (like trying to plan 3 hunting trips).
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