Darn you Greg V.!
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    Default Darn you Greg V.!

    It's all your fault. You posted those links and now I've spent a week looking into UDAV, Alpine and a ukrainian variant. And worse yet I like the **** things. Probably will be building some equipment along those lines this winter. I hope you're happy with yourself!

    Seriously though, they solve some issues and make a lot of sense. I can see some advantages for them as cell builders for queen rearing. Lighter for me, easier for the bees to keep warm. And I really like the idea of using them for comb honey.

    So we'll see if I continue to like the idea and build some, and then give them a try next year.

    " A little revolution now and then is a healthy thing, don't you think" Capt. Marco Ramius, The Hunt For Red October
    "Be realistic, demand the impossible!" Che Guevara

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    Default Re: Darn you Greg V.!

    You are welcome.
    I like them too.
    A lot.

    But since I also like my long hives (a lot) and the deep frame, I am cooking some hybrid approach and I think I have it.
    Will brag about it when have something to show and it works as envisioned.

    Beeks in the US (of all places) should no be having three artificial choices of 1) Lang, 2) KTBH and 3) classic Warre.
    That is an utter nonsense.
    Former "smoker boy". Classic, square 12 frame Dadants >> Long hive/Short frame/chemical-free experimentations.


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