Caught a swarm in one of the flower pot style traps
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    Default Caught a swarm in one of the flower pot style traps

    I have hives at my side yard. A hanging swarm gathered on an apple tree limb near the hives, so I baited several traps around my yard to lure them. I've never had great success getting bees to stay in a hive box if a scoop them off a limb so that is why I set out traps. Well, the bees chose to take up residence in one of those flower pots style traps hanging in a pear tree some distance away from where they were hanging. They have been in the flower pot trap a little over a day now. I wish they would have chosen one of my other traps that have frames in them. So now their building comb without frames I'm sure. Got a feeling if I take the flower pot trap down out of the tree and dump them in a hive box with frames they will abscond. Suggestions on what to do? Leave them alone and deal with them later or chance an abscond and move them immediately?

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    Default Re: Caught a swarm in one of the flower pot style traps

    Shake them into a box with a frame of mixed brood and a frame or 2 of open stores.Screen them in for a day and provide shade.Do it soon before they orient to their new location.Absconding is severely reduced if you move them to a new bee yard.


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