1 brood box or 2 for Texas winter
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    Default 1 brood box or 2 for Texas winter

    I purchased a 10 frame single hive in early August. Visual inspections tell me that the hive is healthy and that my Queen is working.

    The hive is really packed with bees.
    On several square inches on most of the frames near the sides, I’m seeing a “shiny wet substance” in a lot of the cells. My first thought was that the feeder was dripping and collecting in these cells. I’m feeding sugar water.
    Question 1. Is this just uncapped sugar water or maybe uncapped honey?
    Question 2. If I add a second brood box and it gets full or partially filled, will they make enough food for a Texas winter.

    So....1 box that is stuffed or 2 boxes that are partially filled?

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    Default Re: 1 brood box or 2 for Texas winter

    Sounds like uncapped syrup to me, add a medium box give em some room, let them draw it out, unless you plan on running double deeps, feed em good, treat for mites.
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    East TX here. I use double deeps, but it isn’t required. I have had several hives overwinter in a single deep just fine. Depends on their stores in the deep at the beginning of December, and how much they still have left in February. If light in January or February, fed them 2:1 sugar water to help them get through.



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