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    Hello All,

    Spent many hours on this site as I learned beekeeping and now chasing a dream in Southern Chile. Dad and his brother in law had bees when I was young in Hobe Sound FL. Never got really involved due to age and the only thing I took away was the smell of honey bee hives and honey. Fast forward 25 years and got involved helping a friend with his hives. The smell brought back a lot of good memories, something felt right, and I was hooked immediately. I was in Key West at this time and chased Black Mangrove blossoms for about 8 years and started breeding wild stock due to necessity and fell in love with queen production. This grew to about 50 or so hives as a hobby and then took over, I wanted out of marine construction so sold it all and moved to southern Chile to chase Ulmo honey and try my hand at larger scale queen production as this is what I really enjoy. So as of today I am located at 41 degrees S, have a deposit down on 10 rustic hives (think square bottom top bar hives), one cut out to box up when the weather warms up, and a lot of learning to do. I don't see too much overseas activity here but if you guys would have me I would like to share this journey and pick up some tips from members in a similar climate as I am coming from a very different climate with very different hive problems. Not much varroa in Key West but definitely here. I am happy to not have seen a single hive beetle though. Thanks in advance and let me know if this is an acceptable proposal or if not maybe some suggestions on international forums.


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    I'm excited for you, and look forward to reading about your experiences making your way as a queen producer and beekeeper abroad. Chile is a major exporter of fruit to the rest of the world--pollinators are needed for those crops--I think you're in the right place for big success.

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    Welcome to Bee Source. I look forward to reading about your adventures down south.
    "Sometimes the best action, with bees, is no action at all."


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