Bee grooming at the hive entrance
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    Default Bee grooming at the hive entrance

    Over and over I see at my hives one or a couple bees grooming another. Some times they groom a drone. Some times there could be some resistance from the groomed bee, but more often that bee just stands still while other bee(s) just picking through her body, every square micron of it.
    What is it? Robing? Any ideas?


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    Default Re: Bee grooming at the hive entrance

    Well I'm not an expert. I was hoping others would answer this.

    The bees have certain jobs they do. One of them is a cleaner. But another job is receiving the foragers 'payloads'. I'm not sure which you are describing; depending on how it looked it could have been either I suppose?

    The fact that they have jobs they do is completely amazing. But I hope one of the others speaks up on it more because others are more qualified on this to talk about it.


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