Went to check on hives and pull honey today. Was perplexed to see capped brood and larva above my queen excluder. I have already taken about 50 pounds of honey from this hive and supers were always pure honey. Of the 4 supers on this hive 2 of them had open and capped brood covering about 6 frames. Completely caught me off guard and wasn’t sure what to do. I probably screwed up but just took all the frames with any hint of capped or open brood and started a new hive. I have 2 medium boxes with about half the frames with honey and half with brood. I did not look real close for the queen. I probably should have shaken more bees in the new split but thought this late in the year I might be wasting my time. I am located in central MN. Any advice or help is appreciated.