Free Mann-Lake smoker fuel
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    Default Free Mann-Lake smoker fuel

    Ok maybe the title is a little bit click bait like but here is a tip. Mann-Lake packs their boxes with lots of long craft paper padding. Fold in a strip 2” wide across the long side and keep folding until the entire sheet is folded into a long strip. Then roll as tight as you can from one end. Keep pulling it right as you roll. Cut and start a new roll when its about the diameter of your smoker. Tie it with a bit of jute and you’ve got a nice tight roll for your smoker. The tighter it rolls the longer it smolders. Use that on the bottom of your smoker under your wood shavings or pine straw. My last shipment had enough for about six smoker bottom
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    Default Re: Free Mann-Lake smoker fuel

    I just got a shipment from Mann Lake two days ago. Lots of paper---I'm going to try your trick!



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