Late Swarm in Ohio
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    Default Late Swarm in Ohio

    I have a late swam in Ohio still in the swarm trap on 5 Deep frames. Is it too late in the season to try and move them to a standard 10 frame deep and hope to get them filled out enough to make it through the winter? or would it be better to keep them in a 5 frame Deep NUC with 1 or more 5 frame medium NUCs above?


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    Default Re: Late Swarm in Ohio

    I would put them in the nuc and add boxes if necessary. Two deep 5 frame boxes is better than one deep 10 frame box.
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    Default Re: Late Swarm in Ohio

    I've overwintered nucs just fine in 4 - 5 frame medium nuc boxes. If you add a couple medium nucs above your deep nuc it should work out. You will need to put together a feeder rim and keep sugar blocks on them through the winter months.
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