2nd year- on to a new set of problems. Came home for lunch and heard a roar overhead. Saw a freeway of bees leaving my yard and making their way into the forest. I followed them to a tree where they would cluster about 15 feet off the ground. Called our local swarm catcher and paid him $20 to collect it. He skillfully captured them and they are safely boxed up on one side of a resource hive and back in my bee yard. I gave them a honey frame, a pollen frame and two extra sheets of wax foundation. They also have a quart of 1:1. One small entrance below and upper taped shut. The queen is from an exceptionally strong colony. We will see how they build out. I have some ProSweet on hand for feeding. Always wondered how you can tell when you're hive swarms. In this case listening for the roar was the first clue. Love to hear thoughts about August swarms and helping them make it through winter. Right now the plan is keep them tight and feed feed feed and watch to add 4 frames up, then consider moving them to a full hive body or leaving them to over winter in the resource hive.