Michael Palmer sold me a yellow marked queen?
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    Default Michael Palmer sold me a yellow marked queen?

    Oh yeah that was in 2017 and she is still laying up a storm. I put her to a nuc. I was going to graft off of her but the calendar said that I was out of town for moving the cells to my mating queen castle, so I just did a walk away. I have seen two others of his yellow queens earlier this year. I took 5 pictures of her and the only thing in focus is the bottom of the pallet. My program really fell apart this year.
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    Default Re: Michael Palmer sold me a yellow marked queen?

    My 2017 yellow girl is still doing the same. For some reason her daughters built a couple of supersedure cells. I put her in a nuc and I think she thinks she swarmed, because she doubled down. The nuc exploded and it is now in an 8 frame. She was scurrying around dropping eggs right and left when I looked last night. None of of the brood is drones so I'm going to let her do yet another winter if she can. Oh, and her daughter is huge and must have been quite [enthusiastic about mating] as she is now a crazy layer too.
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