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    I've heard a few beekeepers talk about wearing a cooling vest under their jacket. Does anyone know the best kind for beekeepers?

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    I don't know anything about "best", but my other half does have a cooling vest as she minds the heat.
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    I use a cool shirt 12v with cooler and 6ft house setup. I only "plug in" when I take a break in the truck and while moving to different yards. It wasn't cheap but worth it for me with amount of work I am doing and the heat an humidity I nwfl.
    I did try wearing it while working hives, I didn't like being tethered by the hose or long extension cord. The hoses are covered with a black foam that the Bees stung the neck out of.

    I ended up getting mine from a racing company. All the prices I found were with a few dollars of each other.
    You can find them used online pretty regularly but it is often the larger units, they are used in the movie industry for actors in heavy hot costumes.

    I have some previous experience with Cooling vest and even full suits from work in the past. The systems where you wear a belt or backpack with battery, pump and jugs that you freeze 3/4 full, don't last very long. You could take a cooler with several extra jugs.


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