Getting the most out of 1st Fall flow
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    Default Getting the most out of 1st Fall flow

    I currently have 2 double deeps with a deep super on each full of capped sugar syrup. Iím told that goldenrod in my area starts late September and into October. Iím sure until then, a good deal of the capped sugar syrup will be fed on. Is it reasonable to think I can get another deep of frames drawn out during the fall flow? I got the current supers drawn out by heavily feeding (bees wouldnít touch them till I fed), but that caused a lot of backfill in brood chamber.

    Would placing a deep super of bare foundation between brood chamber and already full super help in getting frames drawn?

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    Default Re: Getting the most out of 1st Fall flow

    I've heard of people getting significant fall flows, but where I'm at in Missouri the goldenrod bloom isn't enough to get bees to pull comb. Maybe your area is different, but my bees consistently lose weight during the fall flow unless I'm feeding syrup.


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