Queen Cells in Supers
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    I am completely new at beekeeping this year and live in southern Ohio. I received a swarm from a guy that caught the swarm in a 10frame super box. I only had 8 frame hives. Following recommendation from him I put the frames my 8frame supers over a deep and they eventually started building out frames in the deep. Weeks later we found the queen kept her in the deep box and added a queen excluder between the boxes. The thought was after all the capped brood hatches we would remove the supers and eventually add another deep hoping with some feeding we could get the hive strong enough to last the winter.Today during our hive inspection in one of the frames in the super there were 3 queen cells with one or two of them being capped. Didn't know if it would be best to pull that frame out and try to split the hive (I would love more bees) or destroy the queen cells. When we looked in the deep box there were a couple frames with brood on them in the deep. I am sure I have made some mistakes along the way but any help at all on what to do would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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