Missing Queen Cells
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    My top bar hive has been going doing very well with a very productive queen. During an inspection 2 weeks ago there were 3 new queen cells. I found the queen & she appeared to still be very active. Knowing that bees know best, I decided to leave them & see what happens. Maybe they’re getting ready to swarm or maybe the bees know the queen is falling off production & they’re preparing for her demise. I checked the hive last week, found the queen, who still was active but there were no queen cells. Where did they go? Would the workers have destroyed them? And if so, why would they have made them in the first place. Any info or options would be much appreciated.
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    Default Re: Missing Queen Cells

    Worker bees are female. I understand it is their perogative to change their minds for no discernable reason.
    Thankfully, the bees are smarter than I am. They are doing well, in spite of my efforts to help them.


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