Hi all, eager first time poster that is getting into this amazing hobby!
Im having a wax dipping tank built that is 24wide x 24 deep x 36 tall. It will have a drain on one side so I can drain and strain the wax if debris gets into it and an overflow on the other side that lets me hang a bucket to catch any foam over to try to prevent a fire (got that idea from someone that had posted here). It will also have a heat shield. I know its not as big as some but would allow me to do 3 supers and a base at the same time by my calculations, which would be plenty every 10 minutes. I plan on dipping for local beekeepers around Kansas City. Im currently working on figuring out the proper burner setup for it to be efficient and plan on using a 100# propane tank to prevent the tank freezing that some encounter.
My question is in regards to the wax. I plan on using paraffin and microcrystalline at 3:1 I believe? Is that a proper ratio? And where would be the best place to look for them? By my calculations to make it 20 deep I would need around 390 pounds total. Thanks ahead for reading this!