Legal documents for beeyards.
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    Default Legal documents for beeyards.

    Hi all, I was trying to find what or where the best document(s) for beekeepers and land owners can use to cover everyone in case of damages. Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Legal documents for beeyards.

    I'm not aware of an agreement that covers damages but there are quite a few "rental" agreements that have been published over the years. The usual items covered are rent in the form of honey and access to the property for bee maintenance.

    This provides a measure of protection in case the landowner dies. You have a signed agreement proving the bees are yours. There was a case about 50 years ago where several hundred hives of bees were ruled by the court to belong to the landowner because there was no signed agreement. The bees were sold along with the land leaving a highly perturbed beekeeper.
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    Default Re: Legal documents for beeyards.

    what kind of damage? fire? you'd have to have some serious insurance signing a document like that


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