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    I have a hive that was new from a package the year. I was able to supply the hive with drawn comb and quite a bit of honey from the start. (I had frames of honey that were on the hive last year while it was being treated so I can't harvest it.) They have filled all of their frames in the brood boxes and one honey super. I am getting ready to remove the honey super, but the hive seems awfully crowded right now for just 2 boxes.

    I was thinking of adding an empty super to give them room until the numbers naturally decrease. Is this desirable, OK but not necessary, or not good for some reason? I am in Mid Michigan and our honey season is just about over.


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    Ya, they could still swarm on you if the brood nest gets crowded, we still have the golden rod flow coming up, which is a iffy flow and hard to predict. I’d keep one on and monitor just as a precaution.

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    I'd give them space! You can always manipulate frames and tighten things up later.
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