Sorry for the crosspost. I can't figure out how to delete my other post on a thread from 2016 which was similar in nature...

I had a hive that was doing great and wanted to swarm so I split it and also moved some bees to a hive with a new package (with newspaper) to try and keep it from swarming. That seemed to work but it still was making queen cups and I think it swarmed anyway in early July as I couldn't find the queen, there were less bees and no eggs but I found what looked like a virgin queen. So I waited and still no eggs so last week, I combined it with the original split I made which had a laying queen who was doing great (using newspaper). Checked it 5 days later to see if they had chewed thru the paper and they sort of did but then I found 3 queen cells (not capped but close) on the bottom of a frame of the hive I had split (with a laying queen who seems to be laying fine).

So, I thought it was a swarm cell so I split that frame *again* and 2 brood frames into another hive. The queen was actually ON that frame too and looked fine. I took her and moved her and left the queen cells in the original place.

But after reading this post:

I'm wondering if these are supercedure and not swarm cells. Even though the cells are on the bottom of the frame there were only 3 of them (spaced apart)...and so this thread above sounds like that is supersedure not swarm.

BUT I already split them up. SO my question is:
Should I leave it and see what happens, or disturb them again and recombine it back? I just did the split Sunday...The qc had fat larvae in them (like on the verge of being capped). My thought is that what is done is done so just leave it, rather than disrupt them yet again. Then I can see if the qc materialize and if not combine it then and see if the queenright hive does another supersedure attempt?

If it is supercedure, I guess I'm wondering why if the queen is laying fine w even brood patterns (not that it really matters...the bees know but I want to know).

(I think I've messed with this hive so much that it doesn't feel like it is helping. It was doing awesome in June and was huge but then wanting to swarm all the time so I kept splitting it out (2x) and then it still swarmed, and now I'm left with a small hive which is doing weird things like swarm/supercedure with a new queen that seems to be laying fine.)