Cleaning SS extractor and SS storage drum
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    Default Cleaning SS extractor and SS storage drum

    I bought a 20 frame SS extractor and a SS storage drum. They had been sitting in a shed, a storage building and a barn for the last 15 years possibly.

    There is a lot of built up dust, some bird droppings and whatever else gets on these things in an old barn.

    Question is, how do I clean / sanitize them. extractor has the flip up covers but sure that bugs could be getting in and out along with dust.

    Storage drum has SS cover on it, but still want to clean them the best I can prior to using.

    Thoughts on cleaning / sanitizing them ?

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    Default Re: Cleaning SS extractor and SS storage drum

    Fill them both with water, a little Dawn dish detergent and a1/4 cup bleach. Let them soak for a few hours then rinse out. Remove the baskets from the extractor and then use a small wet towel with some Comet to scrub the insides of both. Rinse and you should be good. Avoid using a Brillo pad as the steel wool will cause the stainless steel to get rust streaks. Wax and propolis can be be removed with alcohol. Or you could say to heck with the wax and stuff and just drink the booze. After all that scrubbing, you deserve it! Be sure to use some food grade grease on the ball at the bottom of the extractor basket when you reassemble it and DON'T lose the ball!

    If you can't find a lawn and leaf trash bag big enough to fit over the equipment when done, consider a BBQ grill cover and a bungie to cinch it all tight.
    Thankfully, the bees are smarter than I am. They are doing well, in spite of my efforts to help them.

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    Default Re: Cleaning SS extractor and SS storage drum

    If you don't want to mess with it I'll have my son drive over from Appleton and take it all off your hands.

    There are some commercial SS cleaners for kitchens available, but JW is spot on.


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