Queen died in cage
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    Default Queen died in cage

    Just looking for ideas on why a queen and her attendants would die in the cage.
    I have requeened with purchased queens 4 other times with no problems.
    I placed the cage the same way I've always done it. Checked back 5 days later to find the queen & attendants deceased.
    The candy plug was not completely chewed through. One photo is the placed cage the other is what it looked like upon removal. Not sure what other information would be helpful....
    This is my 3rd year beekeeping. I currently have 5 hives (4 Langstroth/1 top bar). I'm located in Riverside County in southern CA.
    Thanks! Tami
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    Default Re: Queen died in cage

    I only leave in cage for 3 days before checking back. I'll see if they accept her and if so release her. another problem could be when they were put in the cage and shipping. If too long and no outside bees feeding her she has limited time. I also poke through the candy sometimes with a pin. helps them get motivated to release her


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