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    Hey all, im thinking of trashing my yard out and making as many nucs as I can going into winter. I have roughly 30 ripe queen cells to work with. My general plan was to pull the queen and a frame of sealed brood and a frame of stores into a new 10 frame box and leave it in place to collect the field force like a fly back split, then divy up the resource and brood frames from the hives into 5 frame nucs with 3 frames of brood a frame of honey and a foundation frame. I do have a yard I can move them too, but is it necessary if im not trying to capture the field bees? Or should I just to retain as many as I can. Anyone have experience with this type of manipulation? I have around 3 weeks of moderate to light flow left around here. Thanks.

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    Mike palmer's video sustainable Apiari is all about this. He does 2 frames of brood one of honey, one undrawn in a 4 frame double NUC. Adds a second box on day 10. I think he does his splits a little earlier so you may need more brood frames. Obviously timing is location dependent.

    Breaking down my underperforming hives into NUCS this weekend.



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