Spur comb and wintering
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    We have been beekeeping for a few years now and are still learning things about how to better take care of our hives. Are current issue is that one hive has a lot of spur-comb in a hive. We were wondering if we should leave it alone or if it needs to be removed.

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    Default Re: Spur comb and wintering

    Your talking about burr comb. You can leave it if you want to, it technically won't hurt anything, but most beekeepers remove it so that it doesn't interfere with things or get too messy. Burr comb gets drawn in places where you typically don't want it because it will impede you in your hive manipulations or it fouls up the bee space or it gets broken and leaks and makes a mess. So most people choose to remove it to keep things running smoothly.


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