Heat treatment for mites
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    Default Heat treatment for mites

    I had watched the Mity Mite heater video the other day and it got me to thinking. Why is there a mite problem in the south when the temps average 95+ here in the south for at least 2 months which correlates to higher temps in the hive in full sun. The heaters use 109 degrees for 30 min to kill mites in the comb and it has to be close to that inside the hive. I may be wrong and a simple test would give me the data i need... I don't have a thermometer to use.

    Any one have any data they have collected they could share?

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    The MMK heats the hive to 106 for 2.5 hours. Bees maintain hive temperature of about 96 if I remember correctly using evaporative cooling with water they bring in the hive.


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