moldable or chewable entrance reducers
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    Default moldable or chewable entrance reducers

    I'm a beginner. Determining entrance size and reducing top entrances is difficult.

    There are many great devices for reducing bottom entrances. Top entrances have many advantages, but seem more difficult to reduce. I would like to either have tiny bottom entrances or not have them. My top entrances are in my inner covers.

    I have reduced top entrances with a putty I made from wax and coconut/olive oil. Unlike a lot of reducers, these ones don't get stuck, break, and fall out much.

    Do you do any of these?
    1. mold entrances out of wax
    2. use reducers that the bees can modify
    3. use a cheap, disposable, or recyclable reducer material

    I designed an inner cover that is like the common one, with these differences:
    1. simpler
    2. The rim is on one side.
    3. no hole in the middle
    4. The entrance is about 2 or 3 inches long.
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    Default Re: moldable or chewable entrance reducers

    Soft paper plugs work great - toilet paper/paper towels.

    No work/material needs.
    Wet the paper and shape it into anything.
    Bee chew through it easily OR propolize as needed.
    All it is to it.
    Former "smoker boy". Classic, square 12 frame Dadants >> Long hive/Short frame/chemical-free experimentations.


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