Trap out in tree seems to be what?
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    Default Trap out in tree seems to be what?

    Hello all,
    I am a newer beekeeper. I live in Central Florida. A friend told me about a hive in a tree that the HOA wanted gone. I said I would look. I tried a previous trap out in a house, and had no success. About 6 weeks ago, I went up in the tree, mounted a stand ofr a nuc box, added a trap out cone and waited. Went back 2 weeks later, and they had found a new hole. There was no activity in my nuc box. Sealed the new hole, added some drawn comb and lemon grass to the nuc box, waited 2 weeks and came back to a large beard all around the old entrance, but no bees in my box. Sweetened my box again, this time dripping honey on the drawn comb and a bit more lemon grass oil. I went back yesterday, and found bees making comb and bringing in nectar on all 5 frames. There are no eggs or larva in the box. The bees have made 2 "supercedure" cells, but they are just cups.

    There are bees that are going in an out of the trap out and back into the original hive, but not many. Any chance a bee will go back into the original hive and bring an egg to the new hive? I'm thinking the chances are not good.

    At what point do I say, this is enough bees, i'll bring them down and go get a queen?

    Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Hive and box in tree.jpg Hive in tree with nuc box installed
    IMG_2769.jpg Close up of nuc box and trap out
    Beard outside of box on 6-26-19.jpg Beard outside of box on 6-26-19
    E Cell 7-9-19.jpg E cell in box on 7-9-19
    Box when opened 7-9-19.jpg Inside of box on 7-9-19

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    Default Re: Trap out in tree seems to be what?

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    Default Re: Trap out in tree seems to be what?

    if you can get a queen you could take what is there and place another set of frames in the box.
    It would work better if the cone where the bees come out is inside the box. Looks like good effort.

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    Default Re: Trap out in tree seems to be what?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gray Goose View Post
    Looks like good effort.

    I agree- looks like a pro set-up and you've obviously invested a good bit of time and effort on this.

    I had a similar dilemma earlier this year on a trap-out I was working with only to discover later that there was a queen in the trap. Seems like with trapping you can't ever be certain of the timing nor the outcome, but I imagine in your climate your only limitation would be the patience of the HOA and the beekeeper?

    If the vast majority of the foragers cannot return to the hive, it stands to reason that eventually the queen will emerge- if that is important to you.

    Enjoyed looking at your photos, and good luck with your efforts. Please do let us know how it turns out.



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