Bee carrying another bee away
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    Hello--Out by my hive this morning and saw a strange thing. I have a small entrance to the hive and everything looked normal with the comings and goings. I generally give it a peek during the morning as I'm out watering plants, etc. I saw one bee wrestling with another bee off to the side of the table my hive is sitting on. As I watched, one bee knocked the other off the table and onto the ground then proceeded to pick it up and fly away with it! I did not see any more bee combat going on anywhere in or out of the hive so I don't think it's a robbing situation. Any idea what I witnessed? I haven't received a ransom note---tee hee

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    That's a classic example of an 'undertaker bee' in action - the bee being carried away would have been dead. It can look like wresting, but it's just the undertaker bee trying to get a good grip. Clever bees eh ?
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    Well that is pretty amazing! Thanks for answering my question.


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