Bees seen collecting wax
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    Default Bees seen collecting wax

    I was looking at some discarded frames for comb honey today and I saw my girls scavenging for the fresh white wax that was left behind.

    Anybody else seen such a thing? Do you have links to the relevant research?
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    Default Re: Bees seen collecting wax

    Bees will move small amounts if wax for repair or reuse. I have never heard of or witnessed them moving any real quantities any distance. It appears to occur mostly within the hive. But I do not have the long term experience to have witnessed all that occurs with bees.

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    Default Re: Bees seen collecting wax

    I use a piece if plywood for a lid, they often warp, leading me to occasionally flip them. Have seen several instances this year where I'd flipped them and bees were "stealing" the wax away in the pollen baskets
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    Default Re: Bees seen collecting wax

    Look at the landing board, I bet that wax ends up going outside just like capping wax does when they cut it open. (well first to the floor, then cleaned out)
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