Unlike posting a message in a public thread, Private Messages are only viewable by the member(s) that you addressed the PM to.

You can initiate a PM (Private Message) in several ways.

One of them is to click on the Member ID (name) in any post in a thread, then choose "Private Message" and go from there. That sets up a message to whomever's Member ID you clicked on.

You could alternatively click on "Notifications" at the very top of the page (any Beesource forum page), then Inbox, and choose from the resulting menu. This method allows you to type in the Member ID of who you want to send a message to, but you do need to know how to spell the first four letters of their Member name correctly to trigger the dropdown menu that will allow you to click from a list of similar names. This Notifications tab is where you can manage your Private Messages,with a very similar interface to how many email message systems are managed.