Freeman Small Hive Beetle Trap
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    Anyone have any thoughts on the Freeman Hive Beetle traps? All the feedback I can find online is positive. I just thought I'd run my question past this group to make sure I had an "expert" opinion. Thanks!

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    The pans could be deeper. I have my hives sloped slightly forward, so the oil is deeper in the front than the back and can sometimes spill out. Other than that, they work better than any other trap I've tried.

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    Default Re: Freeman Small Hive Beetle Trap

    to add on, this is one more reason to be level side to side. I use soapy water -- bad part, needs replenishing weekly or more often in hot spell --good part, I clean them with a hose. good part -- frequently looking at what is dropping is useful way to keep an eye on mites, shb larva, wax flakes, etc.
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