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    I made my 10:1 liquid to seed mixture. The liquid honey was about 90 degrees (from the bottling tank) and cooling. I used a large drill attachment to mix in a 5 gal bucket with honey gate. I then bottled. I stuck one jar in the fridge as a side experiment and put the rest in the basement- no thermometer but I’d guess it’s in the 50’s. I do anticipate air bubbles due to the mixer. Am i all wrong or will i get creamed honey at some point?

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    You say 90 degrees and cooling, so i don't know what the actual temperature was. But if it was a genuine 90 degrees, that is way too hot and very likely melted the little seed crystals in your seed (starter) honey.

    You'll just have to wait and see i guess. The ultimate temperature for creaming honey is 57 degrees, which includes mixing in the starter honey.
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    What he said


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