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    This is my third year beekeeping. The first two were not so good. This year I have two hives, with new packages installed in April. They are both going great guns, far better than the first two years. Can I put honey supers on already if both deeps are drawn and the bees are doing well? I thought I was going to treat for varroa before I put supers on, but now I am not so sure. Additionally, Formic Pro claims it can be used with honey supers on. Frankly, I'd rather put the supers on asap and then treat after I take them off. Any ideas? Thank you for your thoughts.

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    I think your questions will best be answered by an experienced beekeeper in your geographic area. For me, it would be far too late to put on any honey supers. But my area/climate/forage is completely different than yours. Maybe an Illinois beek will chime in for you.

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    yes, you need a local beek regarding flow. when in doubt, stack em up. cant make honey if supers aint on the hives!

    watch your temperatures with formic products. they say 85* but i like to use when daytime highs remain below 80* for at least the first 3 days. to help, some freeze the pad and apply it in the evening. i usually apply at the same time as adding first honey super.

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