Tearing down cell builder
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    Default Tearing down cell builder

    I have a double deep cell builder with cloake board set up that is currently cooking 2 bars of grafts. My idea is to use the contents of this cell builder to help build out my queen castles. I have heard you can remove all the frames and replace with new undrawn foundation and the queen then the field bees will rebuild the frames quickly like they have swarmed. I am a 2nd year and am in desperate need of drawn frames for everyday use and this idea sounds appealing. The queen is awesome and I don't want to screw her up in any way.

    Thoughts on this idea

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    Default Re: Tearing down cell builder

    called a flyback split
    Move the queen on whatever frame she is on, open brood is best, if not add a frame of open brood (his helps keep the colony from absconding) to a new box. Move the old box 5', place the new box with the old queen, at the old spot and fill out the box with foundation. after a day or so do what you wish with the old box and bees


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