Laying Worker Drones
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    Default Laying Worker Drones

    So, are drones produced by laying workers as good as drones produced by a queen? Will they have the same mating behavior? Will their offspring be as good? Or are drones produced by a queen superior? And why?

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    What do you mean by “as good as?” Drones from a laying worker are fully fertile. They may slightly smaller. But if they can can catch a queen they will be able to successfully mate.

    They may be genetically better or genetically worse than a queen layer drone, but that isn’t by virtue of being a queens drone, rather it depends on the grandfather drone.

    A drone is a haploid which means it has half the chromosomes that it’s mother had. A drone has no father. It does have a grandfather.

    A worker bee has half its chromosomes from the queen and half from one of the drones the queen mated with. If the worker becomes a laying worker the drone offspring will get 1/2 of the chromosomes it’s mother had, which will be 1/4 of the queens genes and 1/4 of the grandfather drone’s genes. If you didn’t follow that then go to Wikipedia and find drone bee and there is a chart.

    So if a laying worker’s fathers genes are from very good stock then the laying worker will pass some of that on, while drones that are brothers to the laying worker have none of those genes.
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    Default Re: Laying Worker Drones

    I don’t know of any research on the topic, but they are vialble and fertile and they may be faster for all I kow.
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