Things I heard at s bee meeting about plants
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    Default Things I heard at s bee meeting about plants

    I am not having a good nectar flow right now. Sunflowers are just now coming up and wildflowers are about one month behind. I asked for help and I am new at this great bee club . These people know bees. Sometimes I think a couple could be bees. I have a bout 4 hives about 5 to 20 yards from my wildflowers. Some people were saying that if the bee hive is too close to my pollen nectar source they would not use it. It would be better located farther from source as they can cover a 2 mile radius of foraging. It is easier to check hive at home than to haul them 1/4 to 1mile . away. That is question one. I respect all the people that gave me answers. I mentioned I get a nectar flow last year on big sunflowers used for dove hunting by neighbors and late in the year for a big gardener that grows pumpkins late in the season ( they bloom till frost). A man I respect very much said that those two plants are not nectar but pollen plants . I was sure I got a nectar flow when they started blooming. What’s the answer
    Another plant question is I have what is a plant identified as yellow clover. It has very small flowers. I heard this was a good plant to have. The flowers are really small and I have seen a honey bee feeding but it is mostly smaller type bees. I thought this would be a good plant to have. Is it?
    All the people that gave me answers to questions are very successful with bees. I just want to check and as the old saying goes ask 4 bee keepers a question and you will get at least 5 answers. Thank you and HELP me get some nectar going. Most people I know have nectar bearing trees around them. I am in the middle of corn and soybeans and most wooded areas are hardwoods, walnut, oak, hickory- no flowering trees like black locust. THANKS

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    Default Re: Things I heard at s bee meeting about plants

    Sunflowers make some nectar. But often something else makes more. I see my bees workig a lot of things just yards from the hives. Sweet clover is a very big nectar producer.
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    Default Re: Things I heard at s bee meeting about plants

    By "yellow clover" you likely mean Melilotus indicus --- the regularized common name is "Yellow Sweet-Clover" . Different genus than the lawn clovers (Trifolium sp).

    Melilotus indicus and "White Sweet-clover" -- Melilotus albus -- are massive honey crops. These are irrigation and pasture weeds in the west. Massive honey all summer long.


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