Abamectin spraying- move out or stay put
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    Default Abamectin spraying- move out or stay put

    I have a yard on avocados that are done flowering and the bees are no longer working. They are getting ready to spray Abamectin on the avocados by helicopter. I’m thinking I can just cover the hives with plastic while they’re spraying? Any thoughts or experience with this chemical? Thanks

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    Default Re: Abamectin spraying- move out or stay put


    Effects on Other Animals (Nontarget species)

    Abamectin is highly toxic to bees, with a 24-hour contact LC50 of 0.002 ug/bee and an oral LD50 of 0.009 ug/bee. Rapid degradation of abamectin will reduce the risk of bee deaths. Citrus and alfalfa foliage was not toxic to bees 24 to 48 hours after treatment with abamectin (6).

    I have no personal experience with this insecticide, but the info at this website suggests it is pretty hard on bees. Can you prevent flying for at least a few days after spraying?


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