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For twenty bucks you can buy a new copy of the book. You might even learn something.
If you plan to use other 'sources' for public claims, you ought to make sure that those sources are trustworthy.
Look, I don't mind being corrected as well as I stated multiple times now about how "your mileage may vary".

The book indeed says:

Each summer in 1976 and 1977, I set up more than two hundred green nest boxes in groups of two or three across Tompkins County and each summer over half of my nest-box groups attracted at least one wild swarm

To build the many nest boxes needed for this study, I spent most of my Christmas break in 1975 sawing and hammering and painting in the wood shop at Dyce Lab. There I constructed 252 nest boxes and used up enough plywood(more than 70 sheets) for building a small house. With these hundreds of nest boxes, I would eventually capture 124 swarms in 1976 and 1977.
On the other hand, the book is free anyway and, OK, I will study it and see what else is new in it.
Something is not adding up around the dates but I will check that later.

No need to point out my "cheap" ways either.
Yes, I am a "cheapo" and am fine with it.

Download the original book here (FREE):