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    Hi all, I know this topic has come up in the forums a few times but im wondering if anyone has new thoughts on the issue. I've got 4 foot top bar hives which I am making two foot nucs out of. They've currently got queen cells and about 3-5 frames of brood and nectar/pollen. The nucs have a capacity of 14 bars, and are made of 2x fir with 2 inch polyiso over the bars. I know by October they're going to have to be ready for winter (central NJ shore), and I'm wondering how big they should be before I consider combining the smaller nucs. Any general guidelines for size prior to wintering. I know there are a lot of variables with genetics and length/severity of winter, but does anyone have their own rules of thumb for this.

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    If you look at the volume of nucs being overwintered by successful people in cold climates, they are roughly the equivalent of something between 8 deep frames and 10 deep frames. I typically overwinter in two eight frame mediums. Figure out the volume of a ten frame deep box compared to what you're building and you'll have an idea what is probably a good space. In a mild winter I could get lucky and overwinter a smaller hive, but that is a gamble.
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